Remote Control Head

MCH-E Remote Control Head

Type 5800 MCH-E

Dependable Precise Control

MCH-E control heads provide remote control for a wide range of marine and industrial applications.

Single or Dual Lever

Many different control handles are available. A handle coupling mechanism is available for dual lever control heads.

Safety Latches

Optional safety latches allow control levers to be locked in position.

Spring Centered Control Lever

Spring centering is available on many single lever models.


Optional illumination is available with a variety of scales.


Completely watertight design allows outdoor installation, even on models with illumination.

Corrosion Resistant

MCH-E control heads are built with materials that are compatible with the hostile marine environment.


Modular construction allows many configurations of potentiometers and switches in a compact unit. An optional two-wire current loop module can be installed in the control head. It can provide either a 4 to 20 mA, 20 to 4 mA or 20 to 4 to 20 mA output proportional to handle position. The control head can accommodate one transmitter for each control lever in twin screw applications. For single control lever arrangements, one or two transmitters can be fitted.  Standard control lever movement is 140°.

Dimensions above Console (without gasket)

Width: 113 mm (131 mm two handles)
Length: 156 mm
Height: 157 mm (197 mm long handles)


MCH-E Custom Control lever with ball handle

MCH-E shown with no scales or illumination

Typical Installations

MV Tacoma is one of three 140 m Jumbo Mark II's built for the Washington State Ferries. They are all equipped with MCH-E control heads with 6 switches and 2 potentiometers per control lever.

CCG Martha L. Black with dual lever MCH-E remote control head with one-way electric shaft.

Four special MCH-E control heads each with 21 detents and three 2-wire transmitters are used on the MV Klahowya and the MV Tillikum Evergreen State Class ferries. These ferries are also equipped with PMC Hand Wheel Control Heads and Type 5401 Lever Telegraphs.

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