thomas_a_baum.jpg (6416 bytes)
45.6m MV Thomas A. Baum

frisco.jpg (4781 bytes)
45.6m MV Frisco

ocracoke.jpg (3614 bytes)
45.6m MV Ocracoke

chicamacomico.jpg (6838 bytes)
45.6m MV Chicamacomico

kinnakeet.jpg (4955 bytes)
45.6m MV Kinnakeet

cape_point.jpg (4864 bytes)
45.6m MV Cape Point
floyd_j_lupton.jpg (6097 bytes)
45.6m MV Floyd J. Lupton
governor_hyde.jpg (7042 bytes)
49m MV Governor Hyde
ceadar_island.jpg (5439 bytes)
67.2m MV Ceadar Island
pamlico.jpg (6498 bytes)
67.2m MV Pamlico
governor_dan_russell.jpg (7814 bytes)
54.9m MV Governor Daniel Russell
neuse.jpg (4366 bytes)
54.9m MV Neuse
southport.jpg (4058 bytes)
54.9m MV Southport

North Carolina Ferry System
RO-RO/Passenger Ferries

The North Carolina Ferry System has fitted PMC products on 20 vessels.   These products consists of PMC propulsion telegraphs, alarm annunciator panels, navigation light control panels, tachometers and propulsion control heads.


  • In 1947, the North Carolina Highway Commission purchased the ferry operation of T.A. Baum, who operated a route that ran across Croatan Sound and linked Manns Harbor and Roanoke Island.  This became the first route of the North Carolina Ferry System.
  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse located in Dare County, was built in 1869.  It stands 225 feet tall and has a signal visible for 20 miles.  The Atlantic Ocean and the Pamilco Sound are illuminated by this light.  The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in America and has 268 steps inside to the top.  It warns travellers of the area known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic."
  • After 129 years of protecting mariners from treacherous shoals, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is getting some protection from the sea by being moved 2,900 feet from its original position.

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