Spirit Class Ferries

British Columbia Ferry Corporation
Two 167.6m 'S' Class RO-RO/Passenger Ferries
ABS Class crossA1 crossAMSE circle crossACCU
MV Spirit of British Columbia
MV Spirit of Vancouver Island

These vessels, built for BC Ferry Corp., feature extensive use of PMC controls and monitoring equipment. PMC designed and manufactured all bridge and engine control room propulsion and information consoles.

The remote propulsion control system includes PMC electric shaft between all control stations, providing bumpless transfer. Emergency propulsion telegraphs are incorporated into each Type 5401 remote control head.

A variety of PMC mimic panels were supplied for control and status indication of main propulsion, auxiliary machinery, electric power equipment, fire doors, watertight doors, fire zones, CO2 release zones, navigation lights and in dock security.

Other PMC manufactured products installed on these vessels include: electric-pneumatic clutch control and monitoring panels, 160 to 4 wire multiplexers for data transmission, Type 8118 digital tachometer and analog shaft tachometer systems, pitch position indicator systems Type 8012 navigation light control panel, and a variety of Type 8421 universal display and control modules. PMC also supplied the Woodward 507 digital governor system for the main engines.

PMC's broad experience in equipment interfacing and engineering was utlized to produce over 200 AutoCAD interconnection drawings. The production of these drawings was achieved by extensive interaction between British Columbia Ferry Corporation, PMC and the other manufacturers.


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