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Type 8421




The type 8421 Universal Display and Control (UDC) series of products are designed specifically for the marine industry. It is a compact, modular, solid state panel providing high density display and control capabilities. It uses CMOS logic, which provides high noise immunity and low power requirements. It operates from 12, 24 or 32 volt DC ship's batteries. Special cables are not required.

Each module contains up to four points. Up to 32 LED or 64 lamp switch points are possible in a 19" high enclosure. Dimming control can be included when required.

All modules are plug-in type that can be replaced from the front without tools. Lenses and bulbs are front replaceable and internal fuses are accessible on the control module. All PC boards are ultrasonically cleaned, conformal coated and tested prior to shipment.


Two display formats are available, one backlit by LEDs and the other backlit by two incandescent lamps. Highly visible, LED type displays have a large white engraving surface, which becomes brilliant red when illuminated. Lamp type displays feature colored lenses and a high density format.

Displays can be turned on by means of an external, normally open or normally closed contact connected to the common side of the supply. As an option, they can accept external power sources through opto-isolated inputs. Displays can also be programmed to stay illuminated continuously.


Lamp type displays can be maintained or momentary contact illuminated pushbuttons, or two or three position illuminated selector switches. All pushbuttons and selector switches have isolated, voltage free, 1-form-C contacts brought out to rear terminals.

Pushbuttons can include a hinged transparent safety cover. Pushbuttons and two position selector switches can also be programmed to turn on their own indicator light.

Control Module

The control module is a special module always located in the bottom slot of the enclosure. When the TEST pushbutton is pressed, all lights in the panel are powered, as well as the internal horn. Testing can be done at any time without disrupting the existing status. The SILENCE pushbutton flashes while the horn is powered. Pressing the SILENCE pushbutton turns off the internal horn.

Inputs are also provided to operate the internal horn, either by a momentary signal or a continuous signal. The horn will operate until it is silenced, or until an adjustable time period expires (two to eight minutes). The test button is continuously illuminated to indicate that the power is on.

Dimming is provided by front mounted dimmer controls, when required. One dimmer controls LED displays and a separate dimmer controls lamp displays. The control module also includes output 1-form-C contacts for alarm status, flashing alarm status and power failed.


Typical Installations

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