Owen Sound Transportation Company
111 m RO/RO Vehicle/Passenger Ferry
MS Chi-Cheemaun

Owen Sound Transportation Company recently re-powered the MS Chi-Cheemaun with four new Cat C280 propulsion engines.  This is the first marine installation for the Cat C280-6 engines.  The 111.0 m vehicle/passenger ferry was fitted with a new PMC MPC-CP (Marine Propulsion Control – Controllable Pitch) propulsion control system and the existing PMC INTEGRATED MACHINERY, ALARM and CONTROL SYSTEM, IMACS machinery alarm and monitoring system was modified to suit the new propulsion arrangement.

The propulsion control system is a MPC-CP for vessels equipped with controllable pitch propellers.  The MS Chi-Cheemaun is equipped with four engines driving two KaMeWa CP propellers through Lufkin reduction gears with pneumatic clutches.  Feed forward pitch positioning, adaptive automatic load control and automatic load sharing ensure fast maneuvering and optimum engine loading throughout the full operating range.

The MPC-CP controls include two outdoor bridge wing control stations, one center bridge control station and one engine room control station.  Each station contains one PMC PCH dual lever control head for controlling the port and starboard propellers and an LCD user interface for viewing and modifying system operating parameters.  Maximum rpm, pitch and load trims are password protected.  Machinery status such as engine rpm, shaft rpm and propeller pitch is also displayed on the LCD user interface.  Pushbutton clutch control / indication and discrete indicators for engine and shaft rpm and propeller pitch indication complete the control stations.

The IMACS is a technically advanced Windows® based graphical user interface for machinery alarm and control functions.  It seamlessly integrates with PMC’s Omni Chief distributed control and monitoring system hardware.  The IMACS was originally installed on the vessel in 2001 with generator upgrades in 2006 and further upgrades during re-powering.

The IMACS workstation and Omni Chief unit function independently without a centralized file server. The system features layered redundancy with redundant high-speed network connectivity.  The IMACS can summarize and network all the data that is collected from electronic engine packages, fire alarm panels, power management systems, motor controls, environmental controls and other electronic control systems throughout the vessel.



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