M/V Taku

Alaska Marine Highway System
107.3 m RO-RO/Passenger Ferry
MV Taku

After the installation of new engines, PMC retro-fitted this vessel with our long established PMC electro-pneumatic twin screw control system. The system for the MV Taku consists of an all electronic center pilothouse station, two mechanical wing stations and an electro-pneumatic Engineer's Operating Station. All pilothouse control heads are mechanically interconnected via chain and mechanical shafting. An electric shaft system, located in the center pilothouse control head drives control heads with pneumatic outputs located in the EOS. The EOS control heads produce the pneumatic signals for speed and pitch control. Fast, stable automatic load control is provided by PMC's PCA-2LA pitch controllers.

PMC provided a Type 8001 alarm annunciator system, Type 8421 universal display and control system and console instrumentation at the EOS for control and monitoring of critical machinery functions. The alarm annunciator system on this vessel is capable of monitoring 128 digital (on - off) alarm sensors such as pressure, temperature, and level switches.

To complete the retro-fit, PMC designed and manufactured three new control consoles for the Engineer's Operating Station and flush mounting plates for the Bridge stations; propulsion control, generator control, and tank level indication. All the PMC supplied controls and instrumentation as well as existing ship's equipment were incorporated into the three new control console and flush mounting plates.


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