Three Position Electric Actuator

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Type 3380-1300


Three position remote control for:



3380 actuators are designed and manufactured for long trouble free service with corrosion resistant materials. Long operational life can be expected due to generously proportioned design.

The 3380 actuator contains a permanent magnet DC gear motor which drives a push-pull cable or lever through an adjustable friction clutch. It also contains limit switches for position feedback.

The 3380-1300 three position actuator converts digital position commands into mechanical motion. It positions an output lever or push pull cable in three distinct positions: full clockwise, full counter clockwise and neutral. The positions are attained by closing volt free contacts for the clockwise and counter clockwise positions. If no command is given the actuator moves to the neutral position.

The actuator provides position feedback signals that can be used for controlling external relays. These signals are full cw, full ccw, cw of neutral and ccw of neutral.

The actuator includes a manual override switch marked REMOTE and LOCAL. Select LOCAL to disable remote control of the actuator and allow the operator to move the output lever manually.

In case of electrical failure, the actuator is set to the local control mode and the optional external backup motor control circuit is automatically activated.

Two Bendix, Mil Spec type connectors are used to connect the actuator to the control system. One is the 10 pin main control connector and the other is the 4 pin backup control connector.

Manual Override

In manual override mode, the actuator motor can be driven directly from a backup power source. The actuator can also be moved with the manual handle. Manual override mode is selected by switching the manual override switch on the actuator to the LOCAL position, or by connecting the manual override line to zero volts. A primary power failure to the actuator will also allow backup control. During backup control the power to the motor is switched by an internal relay and bypasses all internal electronics. The backup power source is supplied to the actuator through a separate backup connector.

Typical Installation

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