Earth Globe Barge
Walt Disney World
18.3 m Self Propelled Barge
Earth Globe Barge

The control system on this unique self propelled barge includes four independent PMC Z-MaC systems (Azimuth Marine Control). This arrangement isolates failures associated with one drive from affecting other drives.

All electronic propulsion control signals from the bridge stations are fed to the control cabinets located in the "A" and "B" end engine rooms. The Z-MaC ensures maximum propulsion versatility and includes necessary logic and interlocks. It also contains user selectable set points for system response, timing and rpm limits.

The electric signals from the Z-MaC are fed to speed, gear and steering servos for each drive.

The speed control PMC Type 3380-1113 actuator accepts a 4-20 mA speed signal, and through a DC motor servo positions the mechanical speed setting lever on the engine speed governor.

The gear control PMC Type 3380-1300 actuator accepts forward or reverse contact closures, and through a DC motor positions the gear select lever in forward, neutral, or reverse.

The steering control servo provided with the water jet drive accepts –10 to + 10 VDC for CW and CCW rotation commands.

A steering position transmitter, PMC Type 2302-1100, has two separate 360° potentiometers for feedback. This ensures the display meters function independent of the controls.

The PMC propulsion control system includes two control stations designed for outdoor use. Both stations are identical and contain the following:

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earth_globe_barge_open_lr.jpg (2108 bytes)
Barge with Globe open
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Control Station
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Drop-in Control Plate

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