Marine Propulsion Controls


Type 8550-2000 MPC-D

New Propulsion Control System Type MPC-D from Prime Mover Controls

For more than three decades PMC has been a leading supplier of high quality control components and systems to the global market place.  Today, proven PMC equipment can be found on virtually all types of vessels, including the most complex.

The vast experience gained from these installations combined with extensive system knowledge has been applied in the development of the MPC-D system.

The latest proven digital electronics are utilized along with a LCD panel integrated in each control head.  Multiple redundancies and features have been implemented to accommodate a wide variety of applications.  The design of this system has inherently improved performance, reliability and reduced costs.

General Features
  • Maximum performance without compromise
  • Aesthetic design
  • Ergonomic
  • Versatile
  • Economical
  • Electronic engine link
  • Electronic gearbox link
  • Electronic trolling valve link
  • Actuator links
  • Shaft brake link
  • Gear shift and throttle sequencing
  • Synchronizing
  • Safety interlocks
  • Station transfer
  • Multi-functional display and horn at each station
  • Redundant engine and gearbox control
  • Redundant control lever position sensing
  • Redundant power
  • Redundant communication
  • Redundant components monitored internally
  • Watertight components and connectors
  • Serial communication reduces wiring
  • Factory pre-assembled cables
  • Simple keypad or computer setup
  • Self diagnostics
  • Historical event logging

Optional Features

  • The electric shaft option simulates a mechanical interconnection between the control head levers. Moving the lever at the station in command causes all other levers in the system to follow. This provides continuous alignment with the commanding lever position at all stations. Because all levers are continually aligned, control transfer between stations is smooth and "bumpless".
  • Extended low operation temperature range available for outdoor stations.
Operating Features
  • Single lever combined speed and clutch control
  • Available for single and multiple screw vessels
  • Lever line-up transfer interlock with override
  • Transfer lock to prevent accidental transfer to remote stations
  • Engine warm-up mode
  • Vessel slow speed mode
  • Trolling valve control with selectable engine rpm settings
  • Synchronizing for electronic or mechanically governed engines
  • Proportional reversing delay interlocks
  • Proportional throttle boost
  • Controlled acceleration / deceleration
  • Clutch oil pressure throttle interlock
  • Neutral start interlock
  • Shaft brake control with multiple timing features

Safety Features

  • System accepts redundant power sources with internal switching and continuous monitoring
  • Each control lever features a primary and secondary position sensor which is continuously monitored for drift and failure
  • Back-up link between the port and starboard MPC-D control units allows control of both engines and clutches using only one MPC-D
  • Full diagnostic capability from MPC-D and DCH control head
  • Fault output to vessel alarm system
  • Engine data link pass-through to vessel alarm system




  • Nominal 12 VDC or 24 VDC, max 9 VDC to 36 VDC
  • Typical 175 mA @ 24 VDC


  • Operating temperature -5 °C to +70 °C
    (Optional extended range from -25 °C to + 70 °C)
  • Storage temperature -30 °C to +80 °C
  • Protection classification IP66 above console, IP43 below console
  • Meets or exceeds marine classification and regulatory requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity and Voltage Variation
  • Backlit, dimmable, 160 x 160 pixel graphical LCD
  • Control and machinery status display (metric or imperial) and horn in each control head
  • Shaft rpm indication is available on each control head LCD
  • Four membrane buttons with intuitive software menu in plain English
  • Dedicated station transfer button
  • 140° control lever travel
  • Housing and control levers available in black powder coat or chrome finish
  • Custom colors available
  • Optional handles
  • Optional electric shaft
  • Optional station in command outputs for connection to auxiliary stations

Sample LCD display

Dimensions above Console (without gasket)
149 mm
200 mm
157 mm




  • Nominal 12 VDC or 24 VDC, max 9 VDC to 36 VDC
  • Typical 150 mA @ 24 VDC (not including connected items)


  • Operating temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
  • Storage temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Protection classification IP54
  • Meets or exceeds marine classification and regulatory requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity and Voltage Variation


  • Accepts up to 15 stations for Type 5500 DCH Control Heads and Electro-Mechanical Actuators
  • Connects directly to standard J1939, J1587/1708 and proprietary serial links for reading internal engine parameters
  • Serial link for monitoring system status
  • Other PMC control heads can be used with the MPC-D control system when a Type 5500-5000 DCH Remote Display is used


MPC-D System Product Bulletin SSB-001-8550-2000
MPC-D Installations SB-0-2-0022
Tug MPC-D Installations SB-0-2-0025
MPC-D Serial Output SB-8550-1-02

Fixed Pitch Propeller Controls Questionnaire F-164

Typical Installations


49.7 m MY Thetis
2 x Cat 3512B (1678 kW) engines
ZF7000 gearbox with trolling

47.5 m MY Slojo
2 x Cat 3508 (969 kW) engines
WAF542 gearbox, shaft brake

47.0 m MY Arethusa
2 x Cat 3512 (1678 kW)
MM W-7000 gearbox

46.0 m MY Katya
2 x Cat 3508 (746 kW) engines
WAF542 gearbox with trolling, shaft brake

45.7 m MY Ingot
2 x Cat 3508B (746 kW) engines
WVS430 gearbox

43.3 m MY Richmond Lady
2 x Cat C32A (1343 kW) engines
ZF3055 gearbox with trolling

42.1 m MY Status Quo
2 x Cat 3512B (1678 kW) engines
ZF7549 gearbox with trolling

37.5 m MY Marama
2 x Cat 3412 (485 kW)
WAF274, shaft brake

33.0 m MV Spirit 33
2 x Cat 3412E (1044 kW) engines
ZF1900 gearbox

33.2 m Calixas 105
2 x Cat 3406E (354 kW) engines
ZFW325 gearbox with trolling

23.6 m MY Nylec & MY Le Popotine  
2 x Cat C30 (1156 kW) engines
 ZF2050 gearbox
Main helm position

21.3 m MY Polaris
2 x Cat 3406E (597 kW) engines
MG5114RV gearbox


77.7 m MV Island Home
2 x EMD 12-710G7B (2240 kW) engines
WAF3445K gearbox

71.6 m MV LeConte
2 x EMD 645E7C (1581 kW) engines
RHS-3622K gearbox, shaft brake

55.2 m MV Lituya
2 x Cat 3508B (748 kW) engines
 MG5301 gearbox, shaft brake

54.8 m MV Hatteras
2 x Cat 3412E (404 kW) engines
MG5202 gearbox

Freighters / Supply Vessels / Tug Boats / Workboats

83.2 m MV Sloman Rover
2 x Deutz SBA12M528 (1060 kW) engines,
AV2200 gearbox
18.3 m Cates 6 &
Cates 7
2 x MTU 8V4000 (671 kW) engines
MG-540 gearbox

18.2 m Seaspan Tempest
2 x Cummins KTA-38 (634 kW)
MG-540 gearbox

18.2 m Seaspan Venture
2 x Cummins KTA-38 (634 kW)
MG-540 gearbox

16.2 m Cates 18
 2 x MTU S60 (399 kW) engines
MG516DC gearbox

14.2 m Seaspan Scout
2 x Mitsubishi S12R-MPT (880 kW) engines
BW461 gearbox, shaft brake


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