Pneumatic Propulsion Control Head
PCH Pneumatic Control Head
Type 5402 PCH

Dependable Precise Control

PCH propulsion control heads provide remote control for a wide range of single or twin screw marine applications.

Versatile Design

Modular construction allows many configurations of pressure regulators and directional valves with single or dual levers. PCH pneumatic control heads are available with electric shaft systems, telegraph systems, electric controls and many other options.  Standard control lever movement is 140°.

Rugged Construction

Built to endure heavy use. All cams and detents use roller followers for reduced wear and smooth operation. A rugged adjustable friction brake eliminates creep.


Dimmable illumination with incandescent bulbs. Choose from a variety of standard scales, or have PMC design a custom scale to suit your needs.


Completely watertight design allows outdoor installation.

Corrosion Resistant

PCH control heads are built with materials that are compatible with the hostile marine environment.

Dimensions above Console (without gasket)

Width: 233 mm (247 mm two handles)
Length: 260 mm
Height: 211 mm

PCH Configurations  

Type Description Typical Applications
PCH-V One variable pressure signal Brake control or engine speed control
PCH-VAA One variable pressure signal and two on-off (AHD/AST) signals Pitch & speed control for CPP, or clutch & speed control for fixed pitch propellers
PCH-2V Two variable pressure (AHD/AST) signals Thruster control, hydraulic slip clutch control or winch control
PCH-VSS One variable pressure signal and two normally open switch contacts Same as PCH-VAA but used with solenoid valves for on-off signals to minimize time delays
PCH-VA One variable pressure signal and one on-off signal Single clutch and throttle control

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