MV Miscaroo

Gulf Canada Resource Inc, BeauDril Ltd.
Two 78.9m Icebreaker/Supply/Tug
Canadian Ministry of Transport, Home Trade 1, Arctic Ice Class 4 and Lloyd's Register of Shipping cross100A1 Ice-Breaker/Tug/Offshore Supply Vessel
MV Miscaroo
MV Ikaluk

Prime Mover Controls Inc. manufactured the Miscaroo's five propulsion control consoles and two winch control consoles incorporating the ship's controls and instrumentation. The PMC propulsion control system involves four remote stations on the bridge as well as the main engine control room station. The control system includes interlocks, necessary logic, maximum rpm, pitch, load sharing and load control trims for the main propulsion system as well as provision for constant speed operation when in generator mode. Also a separate port and starboard rpm control head is incorporated at each control station. PMC Type PCA-2L pitch controllers were used to ensure maximum propulsion versatility and fast, stable automatic load control to maintain optimum loading on the engines. In order to protect the engine during extended periods of icebreaking, special torque control features have been incorporated in the propulsion control system. Automatic load sharing was also incorporated to satisfy the close tolerance required by four engines driving two propellers.

All critical machinery functions are continually monitored by a PMC alarm annunciator system, with 128 alarm points and additional remote display of group faults on the bridge. Providing visual and audible output of fault status, this solid-state, fully programmable warning system offers high reliability as well as ease of service with interchangeable, identical plug-on modules.

Over 400 motor and machinery controls, displays and alarms were implemented by PMC's UDC, Universal Display and Control units, which allow relatively compact console designs. The same display concept was used in the design of the 'mimic' panel provided with the engine control room console.

The Type 8201 propulsion telegraph system, which provides emergency orders between the forward bridge station and engine control room, was another PMC product used on the vessel. These solid-state, microprocessor-based units are unique in that they not only provide the traditional propulsion orders, but also include a separate independent group for a standby, cancel standby and finished with engines.

The running lights on the Miscaroo are controlled and monitored in the wheelhouse by a Type 8010 navigation light control panel designed and built by Prime Mover Controls Inc. This panel continuously monitors the status of the remote navigation lights even when they are turned off, and provides a visual and audible alarm when a lamp, fuse or circuit fails. Dual, selectable input power sources are also monitored and alarmed when either fails.


The Arctic vessels, the Ikaluk and the Miscaroo are two of the most powerful supply vessels in the world.

PMC's system responsibility includes controls, consoles, monitoring and instrumentation.

Miscaroo Bridge Console
Bridge Console

Miscaroo Winch Console
Winch Control and Monitoring Console

miscaroo_launch_lr.jpg (2612 bytes)
Launching MV Miscaroo

Miscaroo Aft Control Station
Aft Control Station

Miscaroo Engine Control Room Console
Engine Control Room Console

MV Miscaroo on ice


PMC's control design is based on performance and reliability. This is why PMC has more marine control and monitoring systems as well as complete control consoles in use in the Canadian Arctic than any other manufacturer. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size pictures.

Ikaluk in floating drydock
in floating drydock
Arctic Nanook
Arctic Nanook
Nuksukpok breaking ice
Arctic Nutsukpok
breaking ice
Arctic Surveyor
Arctic Surveyor
Arctic Hooper and  Arctic Taglu
Arctic Hooper and Arctic Taglu

tagloo_bridge_lr.jpg (2223 bytes)
Forward and Aft bridge control stations aboard the Arctic Hooper and Arctic Taglu showing PMC's Type UCH Remote Control Heads

CANMAR Tugger ice-strengthened tug CANMAR Tugger ice-strengthened tug
CANMAR Tugger ice-strengthened tug
CANMAR Supplier Deepsea Anchor Handling, Icebreaking, Tug, Supply Vessel CANMAR Supplier on ice
CANMAR Supplier Deepsea Anchor Handling, Icebreaking, Tug, Supply Vessel. One of four sister ships.
CANMAR Supplier 8 Shallow Draft Supply Vessel with Forward Loading Ramp
CANMAR Supplier 8
Shallow Draft Supply Vessel with Forward Loading Ramp
CANMAR Supplier 8CANMAR Vessels at workCANMAR Vessels at workCANMAR Vessels working with helicopterscanmar_work3_lr.jpg (2208 bytes)
Vessels at work in the Canadian Arctic

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