PMC Type 8202-3000 Azimuth Propulsion Telegraph

The 8202-3000 series is a compact marine telegraph for Azimuth systems. It operates as a stand alone or backup system. The 8202 functions entirely independent of the ship's main propulsion controls and allows emergency operation when primary remote controls fail.



The 8202 provides pushbutton communication for Steering and Engine propulsion orders between the bridge and engine room. Additionally standby orders are included, these orders can be operated at any time independently of the propulsion orders. Communication is fully bi-directional; orders may be placed from either source.

Optionally, the rotation travel for azimuth orders may be limited to accommodate jet drives or conventional steering applications.

Up to eight separate drive system, each with a maximum of nine bridge and nine engine room telegraphs may be connected together. Each drive system has a minimum configuration of one bridge and one engine room telegraph. Systems can have split Power and Steering telegraphs for local at machinery stations.

Order indicators are super bright LEDs for daylight operation and all buttons have backlit legends for night operation. Bridge telegraphs are fully dimmable and can be grouped together to dim in unison.

Designed for the harsh marine environment, the 8202 is both rugged and reliable. The compact, DIN mounted anodized aluminum enclosure with lexan front provides IP65 protection. Connections to the 8202 have been designed to reduce installation cost. Only one twisted pair cable is required for communication, or an optional second twisted pair cable can be used for redundant communication. Each telegraph is powered directly from the ship's 24 VDC power and can auto transfer to a backup 24 VDC power source.

Self diagnostics are performed by each 8202 for various fault conditions. Fault status is visually and audibly alarmed at all stations.

Set up of the 8202 (display type, order bell time delay, etc.) is via a navigation switch and LCD, making set up and service a simple procedure.

System accessories available from PMC include bells, horns, and project specific drawings.



    ~ Twenty four Azimuth Direction orders, Eleven Power orders, Bridge Control orders and Finished with Power order

    ~ Independent Standby orders

    ~ Limited rotation for steering or jet drives (optional)

    ~ Fixed or controllable pitch propeller

    ~ Forward or Aft facing

    ~ Up to nine engine room / machinery space and nine bridge stations

    ~ Time delay for order bell

    ~ Super bright order indicators for daylight operation

    ~ Backlit buttons for night operations

    ~ Bridge units are dimmable

    ~ Lamp test

    ~ Dual 24 VDC supply inputs with internal switching and continuous monitoring

    ~ Redundant isolated communication links with continuous monitoring (redundancy optional)

    ~ Self diagnostics and troubleshooting display

    ~ Operating features are selectable and configurable

    ~ Configuration is password protected

    ~ DIN mounting

    ~ IP65 splash proof front


Optional I/O

    ~ Local command disable input (dry contact)

    ~ Isolated RS485 communication port (Modbus RTU Slave or NMEA)

    ~ Modbus RTU Slave for connection to vessel alarm and monitoring system

    ~ NMEA 0183 for connection to voyage data recorder "Black Box"

    ~ Fault relay (Form 'C')s

    ~ Power Fault relay (Form 'C')


8202-4000 Engine Order Telegraph

8202-3200 Azimuth Propulsion Telegraph

with ahead and astern propulsion power commands

8202-4000 Engine Order Telegraph

8202-3100 Azimuth Propulsion Telegraph

with 0 - 10 propulsion power commands





8202-4000 Engine Order Telegraph



8202-4000 Propulsion Telegraph

8202-2000 product bulletin PDF

8202-4000 Propulsion Telegraph

8202-4000 product bulletin PDF



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