Digital Marine Control

D-MaC Propulsion Control

D-MaC Propulsion Control

PMC's leading edge Digital Marine Control system, the D-MaC, is a powerful, easy to use micro-processor based control system.    The D-MaC facilitates maximum efficiency and minimum emissions from diesel power plants.

For maximum reliability D-MaC utilizes a touch screen display panel with non-volatile memory and no hard drives.

Display screen shows a typical propulsion control system for two engines and one propeller arrangement.


High degree of flexibility

Reduced installation costs

Minimized operating costs



Prime Mover Controls Inc., a supplier of complete propulsion control systems and highly advanced marine automation equipment, offers a comprehensive Digital Marine Control system. Known as the D-MaC, it is designed to accommodate a wide range of propulsion control requirements from the simple to the sophisticated. It is equally suitable for single or multi engine installations as well as arrangements with PTO devices such as generators and fire pumps.

The D-MaC is a powerful, easy-to-use micro-processor based system. For maximum reliability it utilizes a touch screen display panel with non-volatile memory and no hard drives.

Advanced programming techniques for such things as remote control, speed/power curves, load sharing, load control, clutch logic, servo loop characteristics, alarms, trends and operator messages ensure a high degree of flexibility and superior performance.

The D-MaC automatic load control for controllable pitch propellers is fast yet completely stable. Dual dynamics is implemented in installations where the propeller is anticipated to break through the surface in rough seas.

Significant reduction in exhaust smoke is achieved by incorporating turbo pressure dependent "feed forward" pitch and load limits with proportional dynamics. Optional integration of PMC's fuel management system is also available.

Basic adjustments for system stability, limit of speed, load and pitch for single or multi engine configurations are easily accomplished using the touch screen as required. Critical operating parameters such as speed/power curves and interlocks are secured by an access code which is available only to authorized personnel.

For pitch positioning, the D-MaC directly controls solenoid valves on the CP propeller OD box or controls a PMC pitch actuator with redundant inputs and proportional output.

Engine speed settings are accomplished in a variety of ways to accommodate various project specific governor arrangements:

Typical rpm/Pitch and Load curves graphics page. Most applications vary due to machinery operation efficiency and emission requirements.


The main function of the engine management system is to automate the engine start, run-up and clutch-in sequence for multi-engine plants.

The sequence of adding engines to the plant includes interlocks and logic such as:

Typical Installations of D-MaC with Engine Management are the Canadian Miner, Canadian Venture and Stephen B. Roman.

dmac_block_diagram.jpg (43662 bytes)

Typical Installations

MY Amadeus FPV Cygnus
CCGS Bartlett D-MaC system being tested before shipment.
Vessels on the Great Lakes with D-MaC systems 80.7 m Expedition Yacht MV Bart Roberts
D-MaC system with a PC interface on the Canadian Progress.

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