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Type 8101



The Type 8101 Alarm Repeater is designed specifically for the marine industry and also for a wide range of industrial applications. It is a compact, microcontroller operated alarm repeater panel for operation with PMC's alarm and monitoring products such as the Type 8001 Alarm Annunciator and the Type 8110 Tank Level Monitor. Nominal operating voltage is 12, 24, or 32 volts DC, direct from ship's batteries or from commercial power supplies.

The 8101 Alarm Repeater is available in two sizes, either as a 16 or a 32 repeater point unit. Each repeater point has a large, easy to read translucent backlit display 0.85" x 2.50" (22 x 63 mm) in size. These highly visible backlit LED displays offer a large white custom engraved surface that turns a brilliant red when activated. The lenses are front removable without tools. Microcontroller operated dimming is provided on the front of the panel with fine adjustment in the low intensity region.

Up to eight Type 8101 Alarm Repeaters and eight alarm and monitoring panels are able to communicate over a simple interconnecting two wire bus. These panels may be located anywhere throughout the vessel. Alarm information may be displayed over transmission distances of 4000 feet using reliable communication standards.

Ease of installation is a major feature of the 8101 Alarm Repeater. The panel is compact and flush mountable. Two wire communication significantly decreases the number of electrical cables to be run between the engine room alarm panels and the remote alarm repeater units. The alarm repeater requires only four wires (two power and two communication) instead of the more common single wire for each repeated point, resulting in a simpler and more cost effective installation.

The 8101 Alarm Repeater is programmed using four buttons and a display located on the back of the panel. Changes to the programming after installation are easily made. Battery backup is unnecessary as all user parameters are stored in non-volatile memory.

For ease of system integration, connections are provided for external Test and Horn Silence buttons, either as individual units or in common with multiple repeater panels.

A wide variety of accessories are available from PMC to meet your alarm and monitoring system requirements.


The purpose of the 8101 is to repeat the alarm status from a central location such as the engine room to remote locations such as the bridge or Chief Engineer's cabin. Alarms can be repeated individually (CONTROL AIR PRESSURE LOW) or as groups (PORT MAIN ENGINE FAULT).

When the alarm and monitoring system detects an alarm condition, the 8101 Alarm Repeater functions as follows:

  1. If the new alarm was selected to be repeated then the corresponding display will flash on the repeater. If the new alarm is part of a repeater group that is already activated, the repeater point re-flashes and is treated as a new alarm repeat.

  2. After an adjustable time delay has expired, the internal horn will sound, the Horn Silence button will flash and the relay output (if selected) will energize. This time delay is programmable for each repeater point to minimize nuisance alarms. The horn may be silenced by an external pushbutton or the Horn Silence button provided on the front of the repeater panel.

  3. After the engine room has acknowledged the fault condition at the alarm and monitoring panel, the repeater display will change from flashing to the steady on state.

  4. As each alarm condition is corrected, the matching repeater display will clear. All of a group repeater's alarm conditions must be corrected before the matching repeater display will clear.

Typical Installations

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