Versatile Propulsion Control Heads From PMC

PCH Propulsion Control Head

The PCH propulsion control head is a versatile remote control device. It is available in many configurations and with many options, making it suitable for a wide range of control applications. The PCH control head is built with materials that are compatible with the hostile marine environment. Watertight construction makes it suitable for installation in outside stations. Large illuminated scales and pointers make it easy to see the control handle position from a distance.  Standard control lever movement is 140°.

The PCH control head is available with up to 4 switches and 8 potentiometers per side. It is available in single or dual lever models with electric, pneumatic or mechanical output. In most models a propulsion order telegraph can be incorporated as a backup communication system.

An electric shaft system can also be included as an electric alternative to mechanical shafting for interconnecting control levers on a ship. Moving the control lever at one station causes all other levers in the system to follow. This provides continuous display of control lever positions at all stations as well as "bumpless" control transfer between stations.

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